Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Still Summer

It is mid-August and, while we are still in the throes of summer, there are signs of the change coming: night falls more quickly now, the resident geese have stepped up their activity level from simply wandering about pooping all over our golf courses and beaches to routinely practicing their formation flying techniques in anticipation of the journey ahead, and everywhere I look, it's "Back to School"!   But still, for a few more weeks at least, it's summer.

And here I am on the eve of my 49th birthday.  Tomorrow I begin my 50th year and the one-year countdown to the second half of my live-to-be-a-hundred life. I don't know what the coming year will bring but I'm feeling like it could be one of the most important years of this life; 365 days dedicated to reflection, preparation and transformation. And, of course, laundry.

But even though my days are getting shorter, and signs of what's to come are everywhere, it's still summer where I am right now.