Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The January AAAAAHs

As a transplanted prairie girl I will never quite get used to the winters here. Today I had to run an errand downtown so I left the office, coatless, at 3 pm, and wandered over the bridge in the late afternoon sunshine. The water in the Inner Harbour was doing that glittery crushed tinfoil thing, and there were people sitting outside sipping wine on one of the restaurant patios along Wharf Street. It was PLUS ELEVEN!  In January!

Last week was kinda miserable - not so cold- but we had rainfall of ark-building proportions and not a single ray of sunshine to penetrate the gloom all week long. Still I figure any day between November and March that I don't have to scrape off the car windshield in the morning is a good weather day!  I actually feel bad that I hogged three pairs of red HBC Olympic mittens when so many of my fellow Canadians are doing without.  I'll probably wear them to do a little gardening this weekend.  HA!

On a completely unrelated note, I've been monotasking like crazy around the house and have beaten the laundry room completely into submission. Think I'll stay in the basement a while longer and get things sorted down there.  Feng Shui says that we're not supposed to keep anything under our beds as it interferes with the flow of chi (or something like that).  I can only imagine what they'd have to say about my cluttered basement.

On an even more unrelated note, we are doing yoga at work, in an open space that has workstations all around it.  It's incredibly bizarre to do the Downward Facing Dog in front of the colour copier, while people go about their business around you.  I've now figured out how to dress appropriately for yoga so have managed so far not to show my bra to too many people.  Underpants are another story.

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