Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is what 46 looks like!

A great big Happy 46th birthday to ME!  It was a lovely day.  John and I took a drive out to French Beach where (because I promised myself I would) I actually went in the painfully cold water, and here's the proof!

What a good sport I am!
Hard to run when you can't feel your legs

Aaaah, that's better!

Now this isn't something I ever, and I mean EVER, thought I would say about myself, but damn I look great in my bathing suit - yes there's some saggage, some cellulite, a varicose vein here and there, and a lot of stretchmarks - hey, I'm a 46 year old mother of two with bad genes, who has battled obesity her whole adult life.  What a great gift I have given myself this year: a body I feel really comfortable in for the first time in my life - a body I'm just a little bit proud of.

Anywhoo, after the beach, it was family dinner with the lads, the now-annual trip to Dairy Queen for Blizzards in lieu of cake, a drive down to Clover Point to watch the sunset...

 I managed to squeeze in a few squeezes!
To finish off the evening, we drove up Mount Tolmie to see the city lights. Cam took some cool pictures.

It was a perfect day, all engineered and executed by my favourite guy. I couldn't imagine a more excellent way to celebrate. Thanks JTM!

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