Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh, BOO!

So we didn't get any Trick or Treaters last year, so this year we "only" got about 200 little chocolate bars "just in case".

They're mostly gone now.  And there haven't been any kids by (except ours, who were certainly very helpful in culling the Crispy Crunches and Mr. Bigs from the basket before they headed off to mystery venues to engage in secret activities with un-named acquaintances.)

Have spent a very large percentage of the weekend driving young people to and from party after party after party. I really dont' mind; I spent a lot of my youth feeling (rightly or wrongly) bored and lonely, so I am really happy for them that they have plenty of friends and things to do (OMG!  At one party there was an actual WEENIE ROAST! I'm totally not jealous.)  But on a weekend like this, I do feel like I've done very little but drive around and around. And eat little chocolate bars.  Lots and lots of little chocolate bars. Next year I'm making myself a chauffeur costume with a special built-in pocket for my, uh, "recycling".

On a more positive note, I hit it out of the park with the kids' Halloween costumes this year.  JP's could hardly be called a "costume" - I made him an iron-on applique of the "Fe" symbol from the Periodic Table - he was "Iron Man".  Cam went as a member of the local high school football team.  Not a lot of football in this part of the world, so the local team is somewhat of a legend-slash- object of gentle mockery from the granola-crunching-soccer-playing-hipster-douchebag youth in the neighborhood.  Anyway, I rigged up a jersey from a massive men's undershirt, some iron-on letters and acrylic paint, and it looked great.  And I got him a pair of cheap, ghetto sweats from Zellers for pants.  Then (and I'm really not sure HOW I feel about this) I sewed a cellphone pocket into the pants for him...  I could pretend that I did it to "keep him safe" but really I did it because he has a serious texting habit and I am a total enabler.

Happy Halloween!

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