Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Tomorrow it will be three weeks since I broke my ankle, and on Thursday I will finally see my doctor (we ended up doing the whole "you broke your foot" thing via voicemail instead of in person) and find out just what got broken, and where, and how much longer will I have to wear the damn cast for.

Three weeks since I've been for a walk just for its own sake.  Three weeks since I've shaved my right leg (okay the cast is removable so that is TOTALLY a choice, but still). Three weeks since I last got behind the wheel of the car.   Three weeks since I've been a properly functioning member of my household.

Driving kids around has always been a major way in which I've contributed to running our family, especially evenings and weekends.  I'm pretty easygoing about it; I've given up consuming large quantities of wine on the weekend without giving it much thought - and I don't really mind planning a Saturday or Sunday afternoon around drop-offs or pick-ups.  But JTM likes to have a little more control over his schedule and, once he's home for the evening he likes to stay home.  And that's why I do more of the extracurricular driving.

Or I did, till I ended up in a cast.  So now the poor guy has to drive kids to band practice for 7:15 and then come back for the rest of us (at the other end of town) three mornings a week, and pick up as many people as are available for pick-up at the end of the school/work day.  Then take people to organized activities, pick people up from unorganized ones, and so on.  And that's just the weekdays.

It's all getting to be a bit much for us all as a family, to have to depend on just one person for all that, and it's compounded by the fact that I can't even travel independently; I need someone to take me to all my stuff too!

Apart from the way the cast decides to torture me throughout the night each night with its sweaty, clunky awkwardness, this being grounded business is the absolute worst part of having a broken ankle.  And it's affecting everyone.  I just want this to be over!

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