Friday, November 4, 2011

The Frugalista Gets (Less) Crafty

There I was in the craft supply superstore with half an hour to spare, mind exploding with project and decorating ideas, not-quite-maxed-out credit card at the ready....

But wait. Hold yer horses! Another problem area for me, the craft supplies.  And all the decoupaged and and glitter-glued baggage that goes along with them. The mess, the pressure, the guilt, the clutter...  I mean, what happens to 90% of the stuff we buy at the craft supply place?  Probably some combination of unused, half used, and tossed in the garbage due to some horrible glue gun or sequin incident. And, whether made into something or still in the package, it's likely collecting dust and taking up precious storage or display space in my own home or someone else's.

Perhaps the biggest burden, though, is the sense of OBLIGATION that these items bring into a person's life.  ("What am I doing lying on the couch watching ripped-to-shreds Alex O'Loughlin catching bad guys while wearing nothing but a pair of cargo pants, when I could be spilling my creative juices all over the house? What a sloth I am.")

I probably have enough supplies on hand already (oh yes, I've had ambitions!) to make a thoughtful, handmade gift for everyone I've ever met.

So, last night I grabbed the two dozen candlewicks I needed (well not actually "needed", per se, but I figured if I purchased wicks then I could use the wax I have on hand to make the candles I plan to foist on some unsuspecting acquaintances or strangers this holiday season), plunked them down (along with my COUPON!) and escaped with only six dollars in damages.

But I can't go back; I'm helpless against the siren song of shiny beads, fluffy yarn, fabric glue, pom poms and wicker baskets.

Farewell and happy holidays to you, Michael's the Arts & Crafts Superstore - I won't be back until next spring at the earliest.  Not until my craft supply stash is cut at least in half and this season of "Hawaii 5-0" is over.

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