Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's the...sniff, sniff...2010 Olympics!

So the Olympics starts tomorrow  and I'm getting choked up already just watching the commercials.  I'm sure I'll be going through an entire tube of waterproof mascara over the next few weeks!

It's been so exciting living so close to Vancouver and catching wave after wave of pre-Olympic excitement over the last few years - I can hardly believe that the opening ceremonies are now only 24 hours away.

Well over a year ago, JTM had the forethought to put our name in the lottery for tickets, and we are fortunate to be heading over to Vancouver to see speed skating, women's hockey and the pair's free skate (oh, swoon!).  I've got to get everyone kitted out in their Canada gear, and we need to figure out ferry schedules  for three separate days, get the dog farmed out, figure out where to park (if we even dare to bring the car across), etc.  And I have to do this all through the veil of tears that keeps forming just from THINKING about the Olympics.


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