Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I blog as well as I keep house

...which is to say wildly inconsistently!  My commitment to decluttering and staying on top of the laundry (rather than being buried under it - mffft!) has pretty much fallen by the wayside, along with the regular blogging, tweeting and healthy eating. But hey, since I've last checked in, I've been to the Olympics (three times! On the ferry just like Mukmuk!), renovated a bedroom, had my sweet old parents from Winnipeg for a visit (Dad's 80th!), rocked a series of really important technical proposals at work and been to the gym more than a few times. 

Turns out the laundry will wait and the dust will quietly settle while I'm busy living, but always there is the niggling, nagging in the back of my mind that won't let me sit through an entire episode of ANY tv show without leaping up to take care of some household business during commercials...I just cannot seem to shake the notion that if I can just get it under control I can keep it that way!

On a more interesting note, I'm following JTM on the blog he just started, dreaming about a vegetable garden, leaning toward the concept of eating a little less wheat and much less meat, figuring out a lot of little ways to save money, and planning an extremely inauthentic Mexican feast for Easter. Eggs: Mother Nature's little pinatas!

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