Monday, January 2, 2012

Start the Resolution Without, wait!

Can't help it; I'm compelled to make resolutions at every socially-mandated opportunity there is to make some sort of positive change.  So this year I'm going to write (see yesterday) and read more, watch less TV, keep my floors clean and the laundry caught up.  Big change here for me; for once I'm not attempting to reinvent my entire home life - just identifying the trouble spots and taking them on.  I'll also continue the progress I've made in easing off on the consuming and the associated de-cluttering/downsizing.

And oh yes,  plan to lose about 50 pounds (30 of which I gained in the last year).

The weight loss thing grows so very tiresome, but it has to be done.  I'm completely out of pants that fit and refuse to buy more; and my feet and knees are really starting to feel it.  Like prescription-strength anti-inflammatories feeling it...  I'm too young for that, and I'm too committed to the idea of not buying bigger pants when I have so many decent pairs standing by. I must do this.

I'll share the details of my plan and progress once I get them hammered out and figure out a way to share that won't cause random blog passersby to roll their eyes and/or pass out from the very tedium of it all.

Oh yeah, John T. Meldrum, if you are reading this, know that I also resolve to be kinder to you this year; and to (if you'll forgive the expression) lean in instead of pulling away when things get tough.

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