Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Nope, not a treatise about the joys (and sorrows) of motherhood, though I've certainly had my share; and not a reflection on my special day - although the day and the entire weekend were exemplary, and I'm still choked that the kids, 12 and 14, actually sat down and MADE me cards...

Nope, it's about the white jeans, and about eating much less food.

So I did get into the jeans for Mother's Day, but they didn't really fit - they looked AWFUL- made me look like a fat old prostitute!  John said they never would fit - cause there is a difference between "not fitting" "ill fitting", and those jeans are the latter - too low in the rise, too big in the waist - things that will only get worse. So I'm calling it a victory, but I'm gonna have to set the pants aside and look for a new pair of white victory jeans.

Yeah, so eating less - it's a good idea if weight loss is what you're after. I started counting points again this week - I only get 22 now - YIKES!  and it's been a real challenge to fuel the body properly with that amount of food.  But absolutely doable, and the weight is coming off - I actually saw 171 on the scale this morning, even after last night's lovely steak dinner (I counted EVERYTHING!).   We'll have to see what the official Weight Watchers weigh in brings tomorrow, but I'm totally stoked to stick with it for at least another few weeks and get down into the 160s before the month is through.

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