Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No Child Left Behind

We've been really focused, jmeldrum and me, on our individual quests - and we've completely turned it around over the last year or so.  John is pretty close to his pre-wedding weight and running like a Kenyan.  And he's overhauled the diet in a big way, with sprouted this and gluten-free that, and a helluva lot less beer and wine.  I've been Weight Watchering away for well over a year - down from an 18 to a 14, and I'm a regular at the gym.

But we've left the offspring in our dust - not force feeding them our rice cakes and kelp broth or dragging them out for pre-dawn wind sprints. "They" are always saying to put on our own oxygen masks first - take care of ourselves so we can take care of others.  And I think I'm there now - I've got it all mostly in hand, so now the youngest lad is along for the ride: walking the dog with his dad in the morning, and sneaking into the gym with me.  And we're working on bringing the eating into line - the hardest thing, really, for a 12 year old.  I mean, these guys live in the land of Doritos and Vanilla Bean Frappucinos... 

This is not an easy thing.  Every day the kid needs to make choices - and they aren't easy ones to make, especially when he's surrounded by thin, athletically gifted friends who seem to eat and drink whatever they want, whenever they please, and STILL shop in the boys department!  And every day, there's the comfy couch and the tv and the Xbox waiting after school.  And we think to ourselves "just get out there and be a kid, for God's sake - and the rest will take care of itself!"  But it doesn't.  Because yes it's simple but it's also hard as hell.  So he's coming along with us.  And I am totally cool with that.

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