Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Boot Camp Comes to a Less Than Spectacular Finish

How easily it can all come off the rails - something I've learned the hard way, and KEEP learning the hard way.  Always the hard way, over and over again.

Well April Boot Camp wasn't a huge success - despite the big 10K event that I was all ablog about - I really didn't spend much time at the gym, or out walking - and the eating was just a little out of control.  Admittedly there was a lot going on at work and home- I didn't even make it to Weight Watchers last week, but seriously that's no excuse.  I have to just own this.

Here's the tale of the tape:
Chest 40
Waist 36
Hips 44.5
Thigh 25
Weight 176
If there was any progress, I'd have to describe it as "glacier-like".  Note  the new "wider" jeans image.  Interesting, I pretty much doubled the width of the image and that body is STILL hot in those pants. A lesson to be learned.
But it's May now, a brand new month and time for a brand new challenge. JTM asked me this morning (after informing me that today was NOT the last day of April, but rather the FIRST day of May - I'm posting this a few days late) what my goal for May was.  I quickly made some silly story up about eating less and exercising more, whereupon he reminded me that those weren't actually GOALS.  I'm doing those things: eating less and exercising more, under the super-contrived theme for the month of  "May, More or Less" - but my actual GOAL is to weigh the same as I did at the end of May 2003, when I rocked the scale at 168.  That, and wear those white jeans out to the premiere of Sex and the City 2, at the the end of the month - cause I don't think I'll be striding around in them next weekend  (Man, Mother's day is damn early this year!)

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