Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boot Camp Week 3 Results (or D'oh!)

So I had one of those crazy AHA moments yesterday - I've lost 40 pounds, right?  So it would make some sense that I probably don't need to take in as many calories as I did when I weighed 215, especially since I'm TRYING (with apologies to Yoda) to lose more weight.  But I haven't been eating less - have been chowing down merrily, and rightously beaking off to anyone within earshot about what an extraordinary Weight Watcher I am.

What a crock!  Once again, I'm calling myself out as a fraud.  If I were doing the "point counting" thing, instead of the "Simply Filling" thing, sure as God made little green apples, I'd be taking in a helluva a lot less food each day.  Next week that's the plan.  No more "eating till you're satisfied"...I may NEVER be satisfied - so starting Monday I'm eating just enough, and counting points again.  Mother's day is coming and I'm determined to celebrate in those Size 12 white jeans - with NO camel toe.  Or sausage thighs. Or muffin top. Man I could go for a sausage mcmuffin right now.  Or a Camel!

Anyway, my stats reflect my efforts this week.  One lousy trip to the gym - yeah I've been "tapering" for the big race tomorrow - and enough excess food to keep the dial on the scale pinned firmly in the mid-170s.

Chest  40
Waist 35
Hips 45
Thigh 25
Weight (174-176 fluctuating)

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