Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I AM the Stairmaster!

So I was at the gym last night, treadmilling away in silence (Damn you, iPod!), giving the whale eye to the behemoth StairMaster beside me, as always.  Nobody ever goes on that thing, EVER - it's just too scary!  Once I saw the gym attendant flick a towel at it and then run away and hide behind the rack of kettle bells....that's how intimidating this thing is.

But I'm on a mission to get stronger legs now that I've clued into the fact that weak legs are what's holding me back in the running department (Sunday's incredibly painful but mercifully brief bike ride put THAT piece of the puzzle firmly into place - I thought cycling would be a breeze now that I'm nearly 40 pounds lighter and have an awesome new bike.  But no.  An epic struggle.). So I swallowed my fear, mounted that big beast, gave it a good dusting (did I mention nobody goes on it?) and pounded out 20 stories in 6.5 minutes.  Pow!

That's right, I AM the Stairmaster, baby!

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