Saturday, April 10, 2010


Okay maybe, hopefully we're over this rat thing, but my eyes still dart around the room, every room, pretty much constantly, and I'm sitting with my feet up on the couch. Our lovely exterminator trapped an adult rat in the basement last Thursday, which may have been the cause of the young, possibly orphaned, rats running around the living room and tv room all day and night on Easter Sunday, with CAM and JTM in hot pursuit, Wrangler cowering on the loveseat, and me hiding in the bathroom Tweeting updates.  JPM chose to ignore the whole situation.

We thought there was just one, but it was two of the almost cute little fellas (yes, I saw them) who found their way into the cardboard box trap that JTM rigged up, and possibly a third lured into the peanut-butter-and-grocery-bag trap, also cunningly put together by my surprisingly brave, resourceful and creative domestic partner and his valiant young apprentice.  Easter was less than relaxing, what with these short-eared, long-tailed rodent(s) leaving their little brown deposits - we really would have much preferred long-eared rodents bearing chocolate eggs, thank you very much.

Just after the weekend our rat guy found another adult in a basement trap, and today there were none inside but two out in the shed - nice "healthy adults" he said.  Oh thank God they were healthy when they died!  And thank God they were outside in the shed! Shed I can kind of handle.

But there's this funny scratching noise we thought we heard in the wall between the master bedroom and bathroom, so more traps went down in the courtyard where there might be access to the master bathroom plumbing.  EEEW!  Hopefully nothing will gnaw its way through the wall while we sleep.

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