Friday, April 2, 2010

Some Other Rodent in Charge of Easter This Year

Rats have hijacked my Easter!  Not safe to have the annual chocolate hunt, and all the Eastery stuff is in the scary rat closet with the big rat trap and small rat turds (fresh ones in the doorway this morning - so much for our hope that there was just the one.) JTM pointed out today that we share our home with spiders and insects of all varieties (there are PLENTY here!), and that we have all kinds of fish swimming around pretty much at floor level (our house is built around a fully-enclosed courtyard with a pond taking up most of it - you can actually walk out a set of sliding doors in the authentic tatami room and step right into it, or cross a charming little bridge to a small sitting area, shaded by a Japanese maple that threatens to grow right into the house - it's all very Japanese and charming and not at all "us", and we LOVE it!).  At least, he pointed out, rats are mammals unlike the other creatures that hang out in such close proximity.

But koi would not trash my Easter quite the way the bunnies' plague-bearing cousins have.  This year I have to present the children's treats to them in some sort of impervious metal container, like a safe deposit box or something the bomb squad uses when they want to detonate something. Just, you know, to be on the safe side. I dont' know if rodents like chocolate generally, but it HAS to be more appealing than fish food to a fellow mammal, and they've eaten all that already.

a fish would not do this to a rabbit, no way!

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